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The is the Real! Eternal Gaming for the other Eternal Gaming HQ go to AGU 

As a member of this clan, we ask that you do the following. If, after joining you feel that other members are not following these guidelines, please contact the clan leader.

1: Respect your fellow player, No profane language or trash talking Clan members

2: Respect the chain of command, listen to your superiors of rank and skill.

3: Loyalty, We want serious gamers! if you're kicked or leave for any reason you can not join back!

4: Mod and Hacks restrictions. You are allowed to own mods/hacks,but are not allowed to use them anytime during clan activities. It is unfair to other players.

5: Good Sporting when you have our clan tag on you represent the whole clan! Please treat other players the way you would like to be treated.


EternalV3ngeanZ a posted Nov 25, 11
Welcome to Eternal Gaming We would like to make your stay  a pleasant one. If you would like to join message EternalV3ngeanZ on Xboxlive
we clan battle the NRPS this weekend.
Feel free to register an account and post on our forums!
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